Welcome to my website. I like programming and graphics and graphics programming. Here are some of the things I made that may or may not be useful.



Fast OpenCL-based Mandelbrot renderer with perturbation and series approximation and automatic glitch correction, written in C. Can make use of multiple OpenCL devices and has a Windows (and SDL for Linux) user interface where you can zoom and move around. However, it can also be used as a command-line tool for rendering Mandelbrot fractals into an image file. See the project README for more details. Based on the work of Claude Heiland-Allen, specifically his mandelbrot-delta-cl program.

Gitlab Source code Windows binary (x86_64)

LZMA library

Clean, pure C# implementation of the LZMA compression algorithm written from scratch. Contains both, decoder and encoder, although the encoder does not quite reach the compression ratio of the 7zip implementation. The main goal was to make a nice, readable implementation of LZMA, not so much performance. The decoding performance is decent, though. Implements the .NET Stream class for easy integration.

Gitlab Source code

FLAC library

FLAC decoding library written in pure C#. I also made a C# .ogg library, which is available here.

Gitlab Source code

PulseAudio spectrum visualizer

Small curses-based audio spectrum visualizer written in C.

Gitlab Source code